Photo of NOAA Ship FERREL

The NOAA Ship FERREL was decommissioned on November 21, 2002, and is no longer in service.

The NOAA Ship FERREL was equipped specifically for oceanographic studies of coastal and inshore waters. Though the FERREL normally worked a six-day week, she has an nine-day endurance, a range of 1,200 nautical miles, and a cruising speed of ten knots. Modified from a basic design for an off shore oil rig supply boat, she has twin screws and a bowthruster to improve maneuverability. Various instruments used in her work were prepared and deployed through the combination of a large open fantail, crane aft, trawl winch, an A-frame and oceanographic winch located midships. Based in Charleston, SC, the FERREL worked on projects along the East and Gulf coasts throughout the year. The vessel was operated by NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations. The FERREL was named after Professor William Ferrel.

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