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Officers and Crew

NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada
Plank Owners*

*What is a "Plank Owner?
A "Plank Owner" are personnel assigned to a ship, or station, on the day it is commissioned*

NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada officers and crew

The Crew of the Bell M. Shimada on delivery day. Photo by Kurt Gores NOAA


Commanding Officer: CDR Todd Bridgeman
Executive Officer/Mate: LCDR Mark Miller
Operations Officer: LT Amanda Goeller
Junior Officer: ENS Kyle Sanders
Junior Officer: ENS Tamera Reul
3rd Mate in Training: Erick Long

Engineering Officers

Chief Engineer: Rick Saladin
1st Assistant Engineer: Gwan Kim
Augmenting 1st Engineer: Vincent Palazzolo
3rd Assistant Engineer: Sean Mooney

Deck Department

Chief Boatswain: Jose (Chico) Gomez
Lead Fisherman: Bruce Knoepke
Skilled Fisherman:Jose Coito
Skilled Fisherman:Lester Scott
Fisherman: Eric Danielson
Fisherman: Matt McFarland
General Vessel Assistant: Cliff Ferguson

Engineering Department

Electronic Engineering Technician: Nelson Aniog
Junior Engineer: Drew Barth
Augmenting JuE: Zaw Lwin
Oiler: Travis Pittenridge

Electronics Technicians

Electronics Technician: Jim Kintzele
Electronics Technician: Garry Streeter

Steward Department

Chief Steward: Nathan Thomas
2nd Cook: Michael Kruitwagen

Survey Department

Senior Survey Technician: Jay Sheehan

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